Pull Up Assist Bands: What are the Benefits? Do They Really Help?

Pull Up Assist Bands by Pheeko

Are you curious if a pull up assist band can help you get in shape? If you want to learn about the benefits of pull up assist bands and why I think they’re great for fitness, then keep reading.

I know that working out isn’t always easy. Doing a pull up can be really difficult for some people. I’m not afraid to admit that I used to struggle with them too. Even when you’re “good” at doing pull ups, it’s a challenging exercise.

I wrote this article to help you learn about why it’s great to work out with a pull up assistance band. If you have any more questions about pull up bands or the pull up bands set by Pheeko, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading – enjoy!

Things to Consider Before Buying Pull Up Assist Bands

If you need help doing pull ups, then you can benefit from a pull up assist band. If you have no problem doing pull ups and you’re in great shape, then maybe you don’t need one. Still, even when you’re already fit, pull up assist bands can be used in other workout applications. I’ll get into that a bit later.

Before you buy a pull up assist band, there’s a few things you need to know:

  1. Pull up assist bands teach you how to properly do a pull up. Learn how to do a pull up with and without assistance from a band. Don’t try and do a bunch of reps right off the bat. Focus on correct form.
    • Watch How To Do a Pull Up for Beginners


  2. Learn how to safely secure a pull up assist band to a pull up bar. Loop both ends of your band around the bar. Lace the band through itself. Push the ends together and then tug down on the band. Before attempting a pull up, press down on the band with the weight of your knee. This will make the band is completely secure.
    • See How to Hang Resistance Bands for Assisted Pull Ups


  3. Pull up assist bands help you accomplish the movement, but they don’t do all the work for you. A pull up band reduces your workload so you can do more. Use a band so you can get comfortable doing a pull up correctly.
    • Check Out this Assisted Chin-up Demo with Strength Bands


  4. Learn what weight resistance you should start with. The thicker the band, the more work it will do for you. This makes for an easier the pull up. Start with a thick band. When the pull ups start to feel easy, progress to a thinner one.
    • Check out this table and figure out which resistance is ideal for your current weight:
Your Body Weight   Starting Band Resistance (Color)
90 to 120 lbs 40 – 80 lbs (Purple)
121 to 150 lbs 50 – 120 lbs (Green)
151 to 200 lbs 50 – 120 lbs (Green)
201 to 250 lbs 50 – 120 lbs (Green)

Presenting the Pull Up Assist Band by Pheeko

If you’re looking to buy a set of pull up assist bands, my personal recommendation is the Pull Up Assist Band by Pheeko.

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The system is ideal for anyone looking to learn how to do a pull up for the first time. It gives you the help you need in the beginning, but it’s designed to grow with you. I started using a green band for my workouts, but now I can use a red or black band.

Pheeko’s fitness bands can be used for more than just pull ups, too. You can use them to get a deeper and fuller stretch. The system is lightweight, affordable and travel-friendly. It’s a great warm up accessory that you want in your gym bag.

Use the pull up assist bands to build strength and endurance. These pull up bands can also be used in resistance training, Crossfit workouts and in high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Features & Benefits

Practice the Perfect Pull Up. When you practice with the Pheeko bands, you can teach yourself how to do the perfect pull up. You don’t have to be strong when you first begin. Work on your form. The assistance bands are like training wheels for when you learn to ride your bike. It makes the pull up “easier” so you can learn how to do it correctly.

Start Today. The assist bands can be used by just about anyone. Regardless of your current fitness level, you can start working out with the bands the minute you buy them. Pull up assistance bands are literally made to help your workout. If you want to get fit with little to no learning curve, a pull up assist band may be right for you.

Progressive Fitness System. The Pheeko pull up assist band sets build with you as you improve your fitness level. The different colored bands offer higher or lower levels of resistance. Start with the resistance band rating that I recommended for you earlier. When you’re ready for a challenge, move on to the next color.

Strength. Pull ups are an exceptional way to develop core strength. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I work out. A pull up is a compound exercise movement. It works out multiple muscle groups with just one motion. Your arms, shoulders, abs, forearms and even your hands get a benefit from pull ups. And once you get good at them and can do more, there are all kinds of pull up variations you can do.

Endurance. Because the pull up band by Pheeko helps you execute pull ups, you’ll be able to do more of them in a single work out. Increasing the amount of reps you can do in each set will definitely boost your endurance. Use the bands to safely and gradually push yourself. Find out where you max out – and then do what can to bust out some reps.

Convenient & Affordable. The four bands come in a mesh bag. It’s a small workout kit that you can take with you just about anywhere. I keep a set in my gym bag so I’ll have it with me every time I workout. Even when I’m not using them for pull up assistance, I like having the bands for resistance training. The bands are a lot more affordable than other fitness systems on the market – but Pheeko doesn’t sacrifice quality. The bands are made from a high quality latex that won’t wear out. They’re designed for heavy duty use.

Resistance Workout. There’s’ a lot of innovative applications for these workout bands. Exercise scientist and competitive powerlifter Joey Percia demonstrates 26 fat burning exercises with a resistance band in this YouTube video:

Crossfit. You can use these bands during an intense crossfit workout. Elliott Schackne, renowned strength coach, nutritionist, and owner of Orion Lifestyle, developed a crossfit workout using only resistance bands.

High Intensity Interval Training. Use the product during HIIT. This is a style of working out where you maintain a peak heart rate by doing a lot of movement in a short period of time. You essentially train harder but briefer. I don’t recommend HIIT for people just getting into fitness. HIIT is great for people who are used to working out but don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym. If you want to try HIIT, check out these speed training workouts with resistance bands.


If you want to get in shape, you’re going to need to know how to do a pull up. If you can’t do one on your own yet – even if you’ve never successfully done a pull up in your life – that’s okay! Pull up assistance bands are designed to teach you how.

Start doing pull ups with the help of the pull up assist band by Pheeko. They’re easy to use and a great way to kickstart your fitness program. It’s an affordable fitness system that grows with you as you build strength and endurance. The bands have plenty of workout applications, including crossfit, HITT and resistance training. Buy the Pull Up Assist Band by Pheeko on Amazon and give them a try for yourself!

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